Human Resources Consulting

  • Leadership/Business Coaching & Mentoring.
  • Recruitment & response handling.
  • Induction, drafting of employment contracts, review, and development of the code of conduct and human resources policies & procedures.
  • Change management & diversity training.
  • Performance management & improvement.
  • Organizational development.
  • Assist clients with strategic human resources policies and implementation of actionable human resources strategies.
  • Facilitate human resources workshops.
  • Human resources audit.
  • Human Resources Training for None Human Resources Managers.
  • Skills audits and job profiling.
  • Assist clients with employment equity reports aligned to the client's organisational business strategy and submission to the Department of Labour.

Transcription Services

Our Transcription Services are available throughout South Africa. We specialise in converting recorded speech onto an Electronic text documents.  We are able to transcribe audio to text using all digital formats such as mp3, mp4, wav, wma, aiff, caf, wmv and avi..

 Types of transcription services provided:

  • Interview Transcriptions

  • Research Interview Transcriptions

  • Meeting Transcriptions

  • Disciplinary Hearings

  • Arbitrations

  • Group Discussions

  • Speeches

  • Lectures 

Our Services and Rates include Proofreading

All material processed is treated with strict confidence and will not at any time or manner be used for personal benefit.